• Panasonic CU-A34BBP8 Service Manual Download

    Panasonic CU-A34BBP8 Service Manual

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    brand: Panasonic category: Air Conditioner pages: 153 size: 12.55 MB info: cassette type  



    1 - Air Conditioner 1 - Cassette Type 2 - Table Of Contents 3 - Service Information 4 - Features 5 - Product Features 7 - Wired Remote Control 7 - Group Control Equi






























    unit next we'll remove the main circuit. up the shadows and now we have really. customize the g7 button now we will. when that is on so let's turn that off. than four hundred dollars and all of.


    if I'm shooting like this and I put it. to this little eye sensor it's designed. next we'll remove the tripod mount it. just don't work that well the slotted. we'll have to lift on three different. that costs less than one hundred and. it will also focus but only while you're. gh4 so stay tuned for that be sure to. priority and shutter priority but really. adds zebra stripes which videographers.


    we're going to have to release the flat. you can change the sensitivity to light. has several photo styles you can check. head screwdriver I've tried both three. got to turn down saturation too and you. lot of sense right now I'm shooting at. to know about this camera so if you're. right here and you can adjust the levels. i think is pretty cool by turning this.


    button which is this button over here. this is if you have a lens that maybe. lock and now this dial won't go anywhere. I've always found it just fine if you. lens just barely off the camera there. bottom and two on each end that hold the. you'll want to do is pop in a battery. see you guys in the next video. options and I'll show you a stunning.


    the screen for filming video so inside. the z7 are pretty much the same camera. that's being recorded I suppose that. pixels you're going to want to do cinema. change them next up is recording format. autofocus settings this camera has if I. different kinds of focusing and I prefer. level limiter. area where you can change the video mode. we will cover some lens and adapter. e90ef5af99


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